Hair Loss Treatment 


Hair Loss Treatment  :

Hair fall in men & women can be controlled with medications in initial stage.

In Male: The main reason for hair fall in male is Hormonal and Genetic problem, which can be controlled with Medications.

In Female: The main cause of hair fall in females is nutritional deficiency and dandruff problem, which can controlled with medical treatment or food supplements.

Hair Transplant


Hair Transplant : 

In advance stage of Androgenetic Alopecia where medications are not working.  The only hope is along with this, is hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a minor surgery in which hair roots (graft) are taken from back side of the scalp (DHT Resistant Site) and implanted on bald area.

The cost varies according to grade of (baldness) alopecia, type of surgeon, Doctor and Clinic.

At our center hair transplant starts from Rupees 20,000 only

Hair Transplant After 4 Month’s

Hair Transplant is a very Easy & successful procedure which is used these days to attain 100% assured Natural Results without any SCARS.

Important things to remember in Hair Transplant is Getting Natural Hair Line, Angles of Hairs, Rotations, Grafts preservation time & most important placement of grafts in Slits which gives actual results in the procedure.