hair transplant

As per the experience of many doctors

Hair Transplant is A very safe procedure if done according to protocols.
It a day care procedure
Where whole process is performed under local anesthesia.
There are few side effects occurs which are temporary and reversible in nature .
Most common are pain , burning and swelling.
Uncommon side effects are folliculitis and long lasting numbness.
Rare side effects are necrosis and Infection.
Pain and burning occurs during the procedure and for 2 to 3 days .
After that pain is very minimal and no discomfort is noted . Swelling occurs after 2 to 3 days
And most prominent at forehead and upper eye lid. It goes in one or two days. It’s painless .
Folliculitis is inflammatory in nature occurs because of inflammation.
Subside without any medication
. It can cause pain and burning some times itching.
Necrosis very rare side effects it can happen because of very dense implantation of hair grafts that leads to compromise blood supply.
It’s very serious side effects and we have to consult doctor urgently so that it’s reversals can be done

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