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Importance of Intact Frontal Hair Line

The face is like a picture frame with the frontal hair line forming the upper border. Loss of frontal hair line alters the unique facial Best hair transplant in Indore characteristics of the person. Framing the face is the most important goal in improving facial esthetics. The hair line is one of the boundaries demarcating youthful proportions of the face. If the hair line recedes, then the esthetic proportion are distorted giving rise to an age inappropriate look. Hence, the hair line needs to be the most important landmark to be restored by hair transplantation. hair transplant in Indore

FUE Hair Transplantation

It has been rightly said that hair transplant is a series of small steps done together to achieve a big result.  this is particularly true of FUE. hair transplant in Indore The authors have a combined experience of more then 5.0 million man hours amongst their team, but still feel that they keep on learning the newer aspects of this technique every day. and in this chapter, the authors share their experiences of what to do and what not to do while performing FUE hair transplantation. It will not only cover the surgical steps of extraction but also other points like choosing the right patients for FUE hair transplant surgery, workup of the patient, selection of instruments, preparation of patient, anesthesia and the postoperative period as well. Best hair transplant in Indore

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